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Work From Home (WFH) variant of VARDI launched during the covid-19 pandemic is a result of the inevitable change of our classic and first-ever product for delhiwear/ dukaan. The pattern and construction have been modified according to the time yet the silhouette and feel of the product remain the same and true to its root. 

Part of the WORK FOR HOME collection along with a few other styles and products. A total 5 varients of VARDI WFH were launched and if you're reading this after Aug' 2020,  we might be already shipping these your nearest "home office" 

Colors like TEAL, MONK, CHOCO & MINT are freshly added color to break the monotony of the existing color palate. However, MITTI has been added by popular demand and BEST selling analytics. SHOP BELOW 


A size chart will be added soon, Till then please mind that everything is extremely relaxed in this collection and will be in an extra comfort cut as compared to previous similar products. 

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