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VARDI SHIRT - A SHIRT by Delhiwear

Delhiwear's exclusive KURTA/SHIRT which is our way to pay respect to the most underrated streetwear item in India. As Kurta is something that is to be worn every day, anywhere and not only limited to Raksha Bandhan / Diwali Occasions. With VARDI we want to normalize the thought process of a kurta and want to offer it to people who want to wear it everyday-anywhere. 

 additional ESSENTIAL MASK is free with this purchase till end of JULY 2020

SMALL 38 17 30
MEDIUM 40 18 30
LARGE 42 19 30
XLARGE 44 20 30


All the colors of Vardi have two-tone effect in them means that the kurta might look different in many types of light.