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The full Silhouette of this specific product is inspired by the heritage and the knowledge we gained from going into depth of the chapter for the modernization and development of the city and other planned cities. Based on a Nehru long coat/Achkan/Sherwani which is the closest and most authentic answer to its western counterpart. 

The collar of this piece has been updated from traditional cut and sew Chinese/Nehru collar to an advance and simpler single stitch collar, adjusting the pattern to give your sharp look and still be under the same aesthetic.  

The fit will be relaxed as most of the items offered by dukaan. However, when it comes to layering we have added 4-6 inches of margin to increase the mobility when you do it with a 3 layer or 2 layer option. 

The upper front of the coat will have the same functional pockets of height 6-7 inches for the phone or any item of the same height. Making it the extension of a NEHRU VEST

Going down - there are 4 pockets in the front which are the proportionally the same height but gives you double space for hand rest and another one for accessory storage. The difference can be noticed by the placement and the style of the finish which is on the top and bottom front pocket, double and single bone pocket respectively. 

The sides of the Trench will be given a functional option for the movement of hands going to the pants or lower's pocket. One can choose to close the pocket with the given "kaaj-button" option all over the piece. The slit goes up till the mid-torso to give extra room to put hands into a hoodie (if you are going for that layering option).

Every button placement has been carefully done so that our modular side bag can be added to a pair of buttons which are carefully 11 inches far for a proper attachment. there are also two traditionally placed buttons on the back which are (in our case) done for the bag placements. 

All orders for this style shall be on MTO (MADE TO ORDER). So expect the delivery in 15 days from the order. Following the order, all customers are requested to fill the Measurement Guideline Form to decrease the chance of exchange and alternations. Alternatively, a member of our team will get on a call with the customer before we start this piece. 

Available in 2-3 color variants and going up to 4 sizes. However, Alterations and special adjustments are open for this as everything is on MTO

 Standard SIZE CHART

SMALL 38 17 42/24
MEDIUM 40 18 42/24
LARGE 42 19 44/25
XLARGE 44 20 44/25



NOTE: All the business casual items will be confirmed during the making and shall take 15 working days instead of 7 working days time. We would like to provide a perfect fit for the first time so we have taken the approach of going slow rather than with speed and increasing the inconvenience towards our customers. Kindly expect a call from one of our teams for fitting preference and other fitting related questions after the order confirmation. 
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