TANK ROAD - DUKAAN PANTS (with side-bag)

TANK ROAD - DUKAAN PANTS (with side-bag)

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This style of the pant will be made to order and the customer will be coordinated during the construction of it. 

The whole idea of the reconstruction came to us from different directions of dukaan in this narration however you'll see us using Debranded Denims from the infamous Tank Road, New Delhi which is popular for its nature of dealing Knockoffs and often fake branded denim items and other clothing materials. Our team member Guneev Chadha was able to source the fabric and many deadstock jeans for this which we included in the initial reconstruction. 

The style will be using the same pattern from Dukaan pants and will be coming in the same fitting if it's in default from the customer or else it can be discussed during our pre-construction call. 


Dukaan pants – Dukaan Pants are what comes to mind when you think of a trouser that concedes with the idea of both leisurewear and business casual. Comfort fit in its true essence, the elastic waistband provides you all day comfort. 

The pants have two front and one back pocket, complemented with a thigh level utility slot to give you optimal space for your belongings. There will be two color options – the minimalistic BLACK and KHAKI BROWN earmarks the Delhiwear vibe.

The waistband comes with two buttons for an additional bag to be attached on the side(provided by us). All pants shall come with an added bag from the same fabric, however, the new side bag will be open for purchase separately from the pants. The fabric chosen for the making will be high-quality cotton-rich material for complete breathability. **IN THIS CASE, IT WILL BE DENIM OF THE DEBRANDED MARKET**

SIzes - There will be only two standard sizes for this variant of pants as it comes with an elastic waistband instead of a traditional pants waistband. One of our team members will confirm the exact sizing for low exchange return for the bags and also avoid the inconvenience of wasting time with unnecessary size confusions.


SIZE 1 will be anything under the standard medium i.e 32-34 waist.

SIZE 2 will be anything over standard Large i.e 34-36

SIZE 1 28-30-32 39
SIZE 2 34-36-38 40


APPLY CODE - NOBAG if you don't require the bag and save 800 INR 

(Only applicable to business and dukaan pants from business casual for dukaan.)
NOTE: All the business casual items will be confirmed during the making and shall take 5-7 working days instead of 3-4 working days time. We would like to provide a perfect fit for the first time so we have taken the approach of going slow rather than with speed and increasing the inconvenience towards our customers. Kindly expect a call from one of our teams for fitting preference and other fitting related questions after the order confirmation.