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CANVAS - STASH POCKET - this piece is one of many options we will be offering from CANVAS and made by CANVAS. 

The standard color for the piece will be dyed orange. However, Custom colorways are available in the option. COMPLETELY MADE TO ORDER, Meaning we will be coordinating with for everything possible to give this a custom look & feel. 

Every Stash pocket will be made from the wastage of the fabric and also can be discussed with you during the construction. the whole custom range of CANVAS is to provide the 1/1 of exclusive feel to your piece but also by being open and yet inclusive to our nature. 

Every jacket shall take 10-15 days to be delivered after the purchase. You can contact us for more information about the jacket 

Default sizing is an overly oversized fit. MORE about canvas 

CANVAS is the ideation we started while making old classic denim jackets during which we thought the whole idea of giving out a denim jacket is to put out a canvas for them to put their art on it. Instead of doing that, we chose the material to be an actual CANVAS so that it stays true to the element of it. All of the canvas below will be sharing the same quality and the nature of being a plain Canvas first and then anything.