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*BC - business casual

*WFH - work from home

OVERSHIRT was a result to cater to the relaxed change we have from the WFH environment for more than half of 2020. Putting in the VARDI line is an evolution of our concept of the name, as we felt that this name and concept shouldn't be sticking to one silhouette of kurta but rather than cater to almost who anyone wants to wear and appreciate it like a staple and functional piece.

This style will be made in two different fabric options which will be Matka cotton and viscose cotton blend, both of them are some of the materials we have been using for the last two years. 

Matka being base fabric for all of the VARDI line, we wanted to offer more on this style from the start because of the breathability and life of the fabric. The other  Blended one is a generally accepted fabric for the silhouette and for us it was hard to ignore the essentials. 

The Cut of the pattern will be oversized (of course!) coming in with a bigger functional pocket on the right side and general size on the left. 

*The size chart will be updated soon*
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