DOUBLE DENIM - Straight Cut

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Double Denim was designed as the first piece of our monthly / bi-monthly drop session. READ MORE about Dukaan Drops in the link. 

2nd Iteration of this style is with some modification and we went back to the drawings to give a more classic cut of old double denim from the 80s/90s. Meanwhile, there is a couple of needful advancement which can be only seen while you try the piece. 

All of the pockets from the old carpenter style are now functional for a phone pocket rather than just only the wrench from older days. The drawstrings have been concealed back inside to solve sizing issues with long-time use. 

The front of the double panel now has two phone pockets rather than just standard panels for styling.  

Functions and features include:

Phone pockets from our BC pants 
Drawstrings from Dukaan pants 
Front panel pockets from Uncle pants 
All Pockets are phone-sized as compared to traditional double denim

Elements from old carpenter jeans 
Hook on the left
double deep pockets on the right 

The cut of this piece is straight and regular size keeping it old school and traditional to go with any style. You can customize to some extent in the MTO option on-call with us but we'd recommend following our pattern. 

The fabric is heavyweight raw denim with 2-3% shrinkage with heavy use, it will age like a fine wine as you wear it. 

Please NOTE This style will be MADE TO ORDER only. which means we will call through ur business number 9999815409 and take measurements according to your body. As this is a special piece it will be shipped within 14 days from the order date.