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Chhal Kapat - AB

Chhal Kapat - AB

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Commissioned abhilash baddha. 
The full concept is an extension to our personal opinion of treachery and how its often used to benefits the capitalist system. 

The phrase translates to the emotion of treachery when it's realised by anyone. A common notion of this will be the saga of Mahabharata. 


About the garment. 

The Tshirt is an in-house production of more may (our production office) all the pieces going forward under the pilot project will be made with more than 200 GSM fabric composition which will rich cotton in nature. 

The cut of the tshirt is oversized to regular with wide arms and shoulders. In totality a box fit, the style gives you a relaxed fit rather than a baggy fit 


CHEST 46 48 50 52
SHOULDERS 19 20 21 22
SLEEVES 11 11 11 11
LENGTH 30 30 30 31
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