BUSINESS PANTS (W/O side-bag) | archived

BUSINESS PANTS (W/O side-bag) | archived

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One of the two pants available in Dukaan for Business Casual will be this variant, which comes with a modern take and design which in India is the most common way to go for a business casual.
The form and the structure stays true to a pair of traditional trousers. PANTS come with 5 pockets - 2 on the front side and 2 on the back. And 1 utility pocket for keeping things Handy.

Hanging a side bag is made easier with four buttons along the waistband, with the side elastic ensuring that comfort isn’t compromised with time. 

All pants shall come with an added bag from the same fabric, however, the new side bag will be open for purchase separately from the pants

Available in two highlights of BLACK and KHAKI BROWN, the business pants is a product with the streetwear aesthetic of Delhiwear flirting with a western vibe.

Size- in total five size options will be available in a comfort fit size chart, our team representative will get in touch with you when your order to minimize the chance for exchange inconvenience on the order.

SMALL 28-30 39
MEDIUM 30-32 39
LARGE 32-34 40
XLARGE 34-36 40
XXLARGE 36-38 40



(Only applicable to business and dukaan pants from business casual for dukaan.)
NOTE: All the business casual items will be confirmed during the making and shall take 5-7 working days instead of 3-4 working days time. We would like to provide a perfect fit for the first time so we have taken the approach of going slow rather than with speed and increasing the inconvenience towards our customers. Kindly expect a call from one of our teams for fitting preference and other fitting related questions after the order confirmation. 
PS: that there will be no return policy for business casual items unless and until the garment is faulty