The Pilot Project is an open and ongoing programme from delhiwear for people with any kind of creative skill to contribute and try their ideas in making a successful product with us. 


What's a pilot ?

Explained above, just like a TV show selection before its cleared. We will be selecting from many designs submitted to us and then talk about it how we can do justice to it. This way will be very open with the creatives and properly maintained with all the artistic integrity and under our full capacity. 

How it works ? 

Every week we plan to update a template of couple of our products. This blank canvas will give you a little help if you're looking for it. For example a template of

Follow this link for the TOOLBOX

After the announcement you will have indefinite amount of time to submit a design to us at business@delhiwear.com with subject PILOT PROJECT.


The selected designs will be put out prior to the discussion with the creator and will be then out for public opinion.

If the design's poll is for it. We will then proceed with a direction of how to make it properly and constructively.

All this will be a regular exercise with No Deadlines. So take your time and make something which really means something and adds value & notion to your presentation.


When will it launch ?

We will slowly and steadily incorporate this with our monthly drop base system DUKAAN DROPS with many of our in-house designs and collaborations. 

Pilot Project Designs will be put in the same manner as all of our products. 

What's in it for you ?

The whole process is to bring different thoughts and ideas which are out of our in-house design concepts and adds more flavour to our community. This is not necessarily about making sales and doing collaboration but actually opening another vertical or entry point where we as a community we make the product and offer something unique and special to market.

FYI through this process we will also introduce couple of our new ideas before we launch it.


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Mail us at busniess@delhiwear.com

SUBJECT: Pilot Project