Delhiwear, the brand by its namesake wants to serve the city and the local philosophy of it. However, it has always offered more than that, in terms of value and functionality.

Started by people who are not from the clothing industry or the product they sell but knew one thing or another about the narrative they choose to work on or the story they were telling.

Delhiwear which started as a small initiative to promote the gap between influenced culture & unique/native story which India was ready to offer. we took a direction where we were truly able to contribute to the whole community where at the beginning it was all about representing another concept instead of taking your take on it.

From the initial product VARDI till the later Dukaan Trench. We have been focused on working as a product company which just happens to serve a broad community of Streetwear, Workwear, business casual and by the nature of it Occasional wear.

This approach of simplicity or hacking every situation with just a simple trick of styling that represented the city which we are the namesake of.



more about dukaan can be found in our other detailed articles.

The term (especially in the northern part of the country) means a shop or any place you sell stuff from. However, it was about emotion and the right trigger which this term gives to the people as most of our audience can relate to this being from either from their house / family background or just with an affiliation.


This also lets us sync our philosophy which was from the start, about MOH MAYA MOH PROBLEMS 






Harkrishan aka bandajee started his career as a start-up kid from FnB, selling SaaS-based products in various restaurants/QSR to a skilled digital marketing manager. From the very beginning, he has been a sneaker enthusiast and an avid branding guy.

The creation of VARDI and the whole story is something out his personal life where he incorporated personal love for Jordans and Kurtas in his daily life. Fast-forward to other collections/ product type many things in the brand are out his experiences and the value as a team delhiwear wanted to add to the system.

Being a marketer and a sales guy he has been managing the brand and also been taking care of the operations. other than that he has been closely involved in the making of dukaan's products such as Nehru vest, VARDI, Lightweight/Heavyweight & Number plate series.

IG @bandajee 





A Stock market analyst, born and raised in Delhi and partially in New York. Taran has been a key member of operations with Harkrishan and has also planned many strategic moves in delhiwear. The B2B management comes under him.

Other than that he's been actively involved in maintaining the money (MAYA) of the business and making important decisions for dukaan (business) financially.

A sneaker enthusiast like other members of the team who brought together with the whole ethos, created in a span of the last two years.