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Double Denim has been designed as the first piece of our monthly / bi-monthly drop session. READ MORE about Dukaan Drops in the link. 

This piece has been made specifically as the newest take on our identity for 2021 and forward. As a brand under MoreMaya (link), we have taken a new route of progress where we can talk more and express more and still keep our existing identities on the ground with us. 

Installing and keeping in mind what we are, this piece gives all of the functionalities of workwear pants we have designed before (link) plus gives a fresh outtake from double knee blocking which will be utilized late on the custom orders. 

Functions and features include:

Phone pockets from our BC pants 
Side elastic bands from business pants 
Drawstrings from Dukaan pants 

Elements from old carpenter jeans 
Hook on the left
double deep pockets on the right 

note: if you're a lefty mention on order note to flip this function

The cut of this piece is super wide and relaxed keeping in mind everyday wear rather than occasional. You can customize to some extent in the MTO option on-call with us but we'd recommend following our pattern 

The size chart will be updated soon in this section. 

The fabric is heavyweight raw denim with 2-3% shrinkage with heavy use, it will age like a fine wine as you wear it.