CANVAS & DENIM will be an exclusive collection by DUKAAN and for DUKAAN. Through this collection, again, we want to open doors instead of showing you another product line. 

CANVAS is the ideation we started while making old classic denim jackets during which we thought the whole idea of giving out a denim jacket is to put out a canvas for them to put their art on it. Instead of doing that, we chose the material to be an actual CANVAS so that it stays true to the element of it. All of the canvas below will be sharing the same quality and the nature of being a plain Canvas first and then anything. 


DENIM goes to the same storytelling process and we will be using the same mindset or design philosophy in giving out MORE layering to our content rather than just providing you another clothing item. 

For the initiation of it, We are starting from TANK ROAD pants made from 3-4 Debranded Denims locally sourced from one of the infamous market of delhi making all the knockoffs and often fake branded Pieces of denim clothing. 

This story will be continued and updated accordingly



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