Peggy Gou: The Star of the Starry Night

With ravers all across the globe grooving to her deep techno tunes, Peggy Gou has established herself as the queen in several fields of creativity. She was quick to get herself a prime slot at every big European Festival, alongside the best Dance Music DJs in the industry and even quicker to get her own record company (Gudu Records) up and going. With a life as unpredictable as hers, it is no surprise that she learnt the essence of beatmatching from her boyfriend in Korea and went on to make a whole career in the music field with her unabashed passion and will to master the craft. 

First Korean DJ to play at Berghain, she continues to inculcate a part of her culture in her music with Korean instruments and tracks.

Deep house or “K-House” (as she likes to put it); she has set an unbreakable fan base for her genre as diehards slobber over her boiler room sets.


Besides being labelled as the ‘most beloved DJ on earth’, Peggy Gou, in just a span of four short years, made herself a head turning fashion icon working with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Nike. Last year, she joined hands with Virgil Abhloh, under the NGG, to launch her own streetwear brand ‘Kirin’ named after her spirit animal - the giraffe. Having graduated from the London College of Fashion, style and clothes had long been a part of Peppy and her vision finally came to life through her brand. A visionary marriage of Korean mythology with club culture is what describes Gou’s fashion line.

What makes this artist all the more eccentric is the Peppy Gou merch; printed t-shirts with puns on her surname ( ‘Gou-cee gang’ being one of her favourites ), giraffe toys, flags among other things, all of it lovingly produced by her fans and gifted to Peppy at her gigs. Perhaps Gou’s fans are every bit as creative as the maestro herself. 

Directions by Harkrishan Alag

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