Patta’s a Dutch brand from The Netherlands which was founded by two friends who gravitated towards the concept of this brand because they had the same interest in looking out for and providing for their people. Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt created it without any major expectations of growth. The moment of formulation for the brand occurred at a bar. They simply had enough follow through to pull it off. They never showed any signs of complacency or compromise. Everything that they made was made with care and great attention. 

They’re located in Amsterdam, amidst the whirlwind rave culture and booming drug scene. Being a direct product of this intense and high energy environment, Patta integrated itself into it. Their cultural influence extending to music, Edson and Gee have worked with some major OG hip hop artists such as Opgezwolle, Jawat, de Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Winne, and Uniq.


Patta is heavily integrated into its environment. As in, so integrated that they started a foundation for the youth of their locality. The Patta Foundation is a non-profit which aims to inspire and assist young leaders to grow their interests in sports, fashion, cultural entrepreneurship, and social consciousness. Patta made the commitment of reserving a percentage of its yearly income for this foundation.

This relentless commitment towards their people was noticed by Nike. 

Nike collaborated with Patta and the Patta Running Team was created. For which Patta created running gear which is now renowned. They had the goal of showing the runners the value of working in a team and with that objective in mind, the team was a success. 

The basis of the brand lies in the name. “Patta” means “shoe” in straattaal or Dutch street slang. When they started out, Gee and Edson didn’t even have a shipping account. They used to transport sneakers in a duffel bag themselves. They traveled to Japan, New York, and hidden corners of New York to find pieces that were not easily available and pieces that certainly couldn’t be found in a showroom. 

Patta played a massive part in creating the hype around sneaker culture which exists today as well as creating sneaker culture itself. 

Having released upwards of fifty collaborations, you could say that Patta’s one of the biggest contributors to it.  

Patta has a very specific method when it comes to collaborations: “You have to understand the history and the DNA of another brand, and then you have to understand your own DNA and history and what you’re gonna bring to the table, and those two things have to blend together.”

Some of its more iconic releases include:

  • The Patta x Air Max Homegrown which was released in 2006. This is one of the most memorable Air Maxes in the world. The suggestive promotional video was a nod to the 420 friendly culture of their country. 
  • Their collaboration with ASICS resulted in the creation of the GEL LYT III. Patta has released around six sneakers with the traditional Japanese footwear brand.
  • The nostalgic  Jordan VII X Patta sneakers are also noteworthy. 
Patta’s success inspired brands like Daily Paper and Filling Pieces to pop up in the same locality. Edson and Gee’s camaraderie played a huge part in the success of the brand, the amount of time they spent together required their relationship to be symbiotic. Viewing the magnanimity of their growth almost distracts you from their humble beginnings, they started out creating pieces for their friends, who turned into their customers as their business organically grew. 


Growth hasn’t been a major issue for them. Their second location opened in 2016 in Soho, London and they’ve had pop-ups worldwide. The pieces that they create are made with careful attention and care. This is not only evidenced by the quality of their designs but also their motto. 

Patta’s motto is: "Out of love and necessity rather than profit and novelty." and it can be clearly perceived in its detail-oriented work which has stayed relevant over time. 

This sentiment towards sustainability is something that we, at Delhiwear, appreciate and mirror.

Directions by Harkishan Alag

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