‘Moh-Maya’ – A phrase that is undeniably a part of many conversations in Delhi, it refers to the illusion that money is. Money and the concept of currency exchange is a manmade construct that has transpired men in an endless pursuit of more like a dog chases its tail.‘Moh-Problems’ refers to the myriads of problems that men face in their quest for more. It also alludes to the different challenges Delhiwear faced leading to its inception, including being told that treading on an untrodden path of Indian-izing streetwear is ‘Moh-Maya’.‘Moh Maya Moh Problems’ is the only t-shirt by Delhiwear that has a quote, and it is because of the significance and the innate ‘Delhi-ness’ it carries. It also points to the idea of not losing one’s identity, something that Delhiwear Dukaan follows. 
The t-shirt and the entire concept of Moh Maya Moh Problems are inclusive and not an over-embellished, clichéd quote t-shirt. The quote is an attempt to provide the wearer and the onlookers; an epiphany laced with a certain burst of confidence. The phrase also takes inspiration from the West in the form of Biggie’s quote ‘More Money, More Problems” and combines it with the Indian dictum.

The T-shirt is cotton enriched and boasts the quote on the bust.  It is a perfect tee for the summer, with a true-to-size fit and a more-than-true quote.
Directions by Harkrishan Banda
Written by Ritik Arora

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