The lightweight hoodies for Delhiwear Dukaan acted like a grail as they aggrandized us and our ideology, as it quickly became our highest selling product.

Branching off the Heavyweight line, the lightweight drop was for an experiment that turned paid dividends. Building on the athleisure idea, our main aim was to create something for the pleasant winter days of Delhi; something that was convenient yet nifty and simple.

Consisting of a hoodie, sweatpants, and shorts, the lightweight drop had a marquee long string or the ‘naara’, giving them the North Indian touch while simultaneously polishing their streetwear quotient. The material is a mix of rich cotton and poly fleece so that it can keep you warm and be as light as possible.

All the individual colors and their unique, special names are either derived from Indian culture and the scenes around. The UNC blue combines with the uniform of one of Delhi’s oldest education institution – GHPS. As the name itself suggests, RSS Orange takes inspiration from the political scenario of the nation, taking inspiration from the party’s emblem.

The Kasaya takes us all the way to the Buddhist monasteries, with the color being derived from a monk’s sacred robe. The ice-pink is an expedition towards more pastel, seasonal colors; a drip that is both chic and cool. We introduced a staple colorway in the form of Shadow Grey – a color that no one hesitates to wear.


Every colorway has significance and a story behind its inception. The lightweight drop lived up and even exceeded the hype, with orders and requests still piling up in our inbox. It is truly a perfect pick for the winter transition weather.


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