If early 2000’s aesthetic met 2020’s hypebeast culture one would assume it looks something like HIDDEN’s Instagram page. The British born anonymous creator (living in New York) has quickly created a picture wall like curation of modern fashion like none other, inspired by the minds of Pharrell Williams, Nigo, Fujiwara and other leaders of the street movement today. From its start in 2018 the handle has amassed nearly 400k followers including celebrities such as Drake, Virgil Abloh, and Pharrell to name a few. But no one knows who this creator is despite its multiple big-name collaborations with the likes of Nigo’s NOWHERE brand and Billionaire Boys Club.

In his own words HIDDEN happens to be a blend of the creator’s favourite trends both new and retro from the worlds of Fashion and Music and the grey area where the two mix together. He features major throwbacks from sneaker history, iconic moments of pop culture, artwork, photos of celebrities, cars, watches and even the occasional memes.

 In 2019, Drake was spotted courtside in a brilliant blue paisley Visvim Kerchief down jacket which happened to be almost a decade old vintage. Drake managed to cop this piece by sliding into HIDDEN’s dms through Instragram and has since purchased many items from the creator.

A lot of unique things stand out about the page. For one Hidden very rarely captions their posts, And when they do it happens to be a word or a hashtag. Ten times a day you will find a brand-new image posted, with no context except what you can infer from the photograph. There’s never any purchasing or price information, or explanation of whatever is featured. This creates a two-pronged effect, firstly this generates hype in the comments section where HIDDEN likes to see all kinds of hype, questions and excitement. This helps the page analyse trends well. And secondly this adds an extra layer of mystery to this indecipherable moodboard. Every photograph features some unattainable item whether in price or rarity leaving the consumer unsatisfied and in awe.

HIDDEN has seen numerous collaborations and merch drops over its short life, none more noteworthy than their iconic lowercase ‘h’ socks. If you ever happen to be scrolling through the page, these socks can easily be spotted, however buying these socks is hardly an easy thing. Like most things in hype culture these 14 $ socks are rarely in stock. Sold only on HIDDEN’s own website, they sell out in minutes every time they happen to be shock dropped. On the resale market they go for an easy 50-80$. For fit pics and standing out from your average sneakerhead on the street these iconic socks have no match. In fact, Nigo and Pharrel’s Billionaires Boys Club has seen their own collaboration with HIDDEN’s socks with a pine green ‘h’ on plain white socks.


Instagram Curator Tyler Mansour aka @arab_lincoln has been long thought to be the genius behind Hidden.NY due to a surprising similarity in the look of their feeds and the former’s love for Hidden’s ‘h’ socks. But Arab_Lincoln openly rejected this theory in one of his posts flaunting a ‘h’ sock with a new balance.

Similarly Daniel Arsham, another instagrammer who’s absolutely obsessed with sneakers and ‘h’ socks had to come out and deny rumours that he was Hidden’s invisible manager. 

The suspense is killing us tbh!

Directions by Harkrishan Alag

Written by Aditya Chopra


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