HALF & HALF from world and more

Half & Half wasn't anything new to the world with Half of the High fashion already having there shot at it. Also, not to ignore any other luxe streetwear brand doing there take on it. 

Ours was also an amalgamation of two heavy color blocking which we already had in our color palette. In line with the VARDI collection, this is still being offered as a separate focused product as it usually speaks for than a kurta fusion shirt.

Initially launched under our previous VARDI palette but later introduced as Jordan colorways. HALF & HALF has been a great entry point for new customers to get into Delhiwear's product line and we have noticed people coming back again to purchase more products due to the integrating nature of all our offerings

Heavily influenced by hi-fashion maximalist approach, this style of HALF & HALF color blocking isn't new but when we thought of executing it we took the best of the process but gave it a box-fit cut from our kurta shirt pattern giving approximately 4 more inches of extra room to every size from chest measurements to the total length of 28-30 inches.

Also, maintaining the main identity of our Vardi line was the band collar we do by usually folding the end 2-3 times. fabric choices were also easy as we wanted to maintain the continuing feel of the Vardi but still offer a fresh look.

From BREDS colorway launched in 2019. It was yet another connection to jordan1s which we have been a fan of as a staple silhouette. 


The most latest iteration of Vardi is the CHICAGO colorway and SBB 1 and reverse colors which were launched properly in the month of July 2020.


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