Delhiwear and the story of its inception are synonymous to when cogs of a machine fit perfectly, rendering the machine operational. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention – and it holds perfectly true with what Delhiwear came to be: With us being the invention, and the necessity being the immense need for a revolution in Indian streetwear.
We knew that Delhi was and is swarmed with small, family-owned shops, stretching to huge hype and high-end brand showrooms. Every store eventually was a ‘dukaan’ to its core. The intention, when we thought of Delhiwear as a project, was to link with the Western sense of street style, and soaks it into a sea of ‘India’.
We began with a simple line of products: printed t-shirts and kurta. After a slow rise in the graph of Delhiwear’s existence, we realized that such a restrictive and in-the-box concept won’t make us sustainable and would eventually lose its spark. The label and our vision both needed experimentation and uniqueness, something that could help us alter and improve the Indian Streetwear Scene. It was then we ignited our train of thought and mounted it on the rail of our love for Delhi -  to reach destination Dukaan.
Dukaan was an extension, a sub-brand to Delhiwear – to put us out of the box of a conventional, mundane clothing label. It was inspired by the grains-in-the-universe worth shops or ‘dukaans’ around India; the fact that almost everyone visits some of the other kind of shop almost every day. Be it a physical Kirana store, or your favorite clothing store, or even the online megastores that you browse on your phone. Everything reduced to the caricature of what us North Indians call ‘Dukaan’.
It was then that Dukaan came into existence, to support out the thought of Delhiwear and bringing a burst of freshness and purpose. Our drops included Vardi kurtas to deeply inspired t-shirt designs. We thought of Delhi and its weather and came up with Lightweight and Heavyweights. We noticed the people traveling to work in Delhi metros, wearing dull, monotonous outfits and came up with the Business Casual drop. Everything that we did and does take insight from Delhi.
Delhiwear Dukaan works on a very simple school of thought – to introduce streetwear infused with innate Indian-ness. We play with the concept of drops, with each collection being laced with both sophistication and youth. So that the 18-year-old kurta-and-sneakers sporting free soul doesn’t have to change his identity, comes the corporate world.
We will continue with our vision, to create different ranges of clothing, so that the Delhi in you stays alive, forever.
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