Courtyard House

FABPREFAB is an Australian prefabrication and modular residential construction company. In 2016 Tony Olding and Sydney based architecture firm CHROFI launched the Courtyard house under this venture pioneering what can only be seen as the next step in sustainable housing projects for the Australian countryside. Prefab architecture are structures which are built as modules in factories and then delivered and compiled on site, unlike modern buildings which are made completely on site. This decreases labour overhead costs and provides the added benefit of complete customization of every aspect of your living conditions. Courtyard By FABPREFAB aims to do just that. The project is made of four modules: a living space, veranda, bedroom, and central bridge/hallway each designed with special emphasis on efficient use of material and space. 

The exterior of the house features no discernible entrance or backyard. This is to eliminate any notion of a front, back or peripheral of the house. Since the house is modular and designed for the countryside there is easy access to the exterior from every side. This lets the house truly mould in with the landscape it sits in. As the architect notes, “This leaves the house as a resolved three-dimensional object floating in space that can adapt to different site conditions” With large sliding doors and only a single storey every side of the house opens up to the great beyond.  

The House is much smaller than the average Australian household but boasts all the accommodations needed for simple living. This helps reduce site impact and footprint of the house. For locations where the residence is not the focus the Courtyard is an excellent choice. It also generates its own electricity and water through solar panels and a built in rainwater harvesting system and sewage treatment plant. The House is an exemplar of the sustainable living the future will boast. 

The construction of the project took a whole year due to being a first of its kind, but future houses in the lineup will have much more streamlined timelines.

Directions by Harkrishan Alag

Written by Aditya Chopra

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