Abhilash Badda: Boundless Expression

Satirical, subversive art has been a dominant form of art for centuries, since the time when ancient engravers used animal figures like monkeys to satirise human folly. The use of humour in art to convey a message or start a dialogue around a (generally political) matter is one of the many ways through which artists communicate with the audience. 

Abhilash Baddha is a self taught, self made artist who has been rapidly gaining recognition for his politically charged art work. His graphics are highly relevant with just the right amount of spice to brew up an interesting discussion on a topic that matters. Many of his notable creations aim at critiquing the propagandas of the ruling party and represent his take on the political scenario of the nation in a rather comical manner. At a time when people are unwilling to take risks, Abhilash’s pieces remain unfiltered and honest in terms of expression and pose a challenge to the status quo with his hard hitting topics. 

Bright pop of colours, bold fonts and unusual graphics are some of the key elements of Baddha’s work. The man showed us what brilliant conceptualization looks like with his “VR the people” illustration. It was designed keeping in mind the “digital propaganda” of those in power to brainwash the minds of the masses. 

Another one of Baddha’s favourites is the ‘Spaceman’ which comprises a figure similar to that of a Hindu God’s (with multiple legs), that he describes as his interpretation of the almighty, with science being the powerful force that defines human existence and all things surrounding it.Abhilash is not one to restrict himself from carrying out experiments with his art. As part of his learning process, Baddha took several trials and error attempts and played with a wide range of media in his initial years. His art is a perfect blend of societal mockery and fierce imagery of the reality of the world.

Directions by Harkrishan Alag

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